Darious and Jertharra are a Black- husband and wife team born and raised in Chicago, IL., coming from backgrounds, unlike cosmetics. Darious is a Senior Machinist, while Jertharra works in Software Security. Don’t let their backgrounds fool you though! They have a newfound love for clean luxury cosmetics. Their advantage is that they have a fresh perspective for skincare. As well as respect for sustainable organic ingredients that will aid your skin for a lifetime.


It was a serendipitous moment for founders Darious and Jertharra. Darious was formulating a recipe for his hair, recognizing that there weren’t many Black hair brands for men. Tenacious in his pursuit, Darious went through months of trial and error before he made something he could try. Proud of his creation, he added the homemade product to his hair, BUT- it didn’t hold. Ready to scrap it and go back to the drawing board, Jertharra stuck her hand in it and immediately felt a difference in her skin. It absorbed fast, didn’t have any oily sheen or residue, and most of all her skin loved it!